Crash Course Supply Chain Management

Crash Course Supply Chain Management

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Reken Maar Academy, what is that? 

The Reken Maar Academy is the tutoring-company of Reken Maar Summaries. With the Reken Maar Academy, we want to offer students an addition to their Reken Maar summaries. By using roadmaps, handy schemas and lots of practise material (and answers!) we will teach you the exam material in a personal and easy-to-understand manner during two sessions. You will also recognise our exam-based structure in the form of a clever to-do list, in which we link all possible exam question to the theory in Reken Maar for when you get stuck! Our bright teachers, who all have passed their specific course with at least an 8 and have much experience as a student teacher, will explain all exam subjects and answers your questions so you will be well-prepared for your exam!


How do I reserve my spot? 

You can subscribe for the Crash Course by clicking on the button "Add to Cart" and paying with IDEAL, Mastercard or VISA. That's all! In the product description of this Crash Course, you can find the exact date, time and location for the Crash Course. 


What can I expect from the Crash Course?

Supply Chain Management looks at the complete logistic chain where a company must deal with. Look at Starbucks. How do they manage that coffee beans in Colombia are processed to coffee that is available in the whole world and taste the same everywhere in the world? We will look at cross-docking, ICT integration and inventory models to sum up one of the many aspects of SCM. The Crash Course is a combination of explanation, making of exercises and discussion of the most important subjects of a course.


Who is the teacher?

Msc Supply Chain student Lisa van Delft is the teacher for this Crash Course! With her extensive experience as a student teacher and a GPA of 8.5 (!) for her Supply Chain master, Lisa has the near perfect subject knowledge, handy roadmaps and teaching methods to make sure you will pass you exam!


Where and when is the crash course?

This Crash Course has two sessions:

·       Wednesday 6 June from 13:00 - 18:00 in M3-03

·       Thursday 7 June from 13:00 - 17:00 in M3-03


What is the language of the Crash Course?

This Crash Course will be held in English. For Dutch IBA students it is also possible to reserve a spot for the Dutch (BA) version of the Crash Course.