Foundations of Finance & Accounting - Part 2

Foundations of Finance & Accounting - Part 2

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Foundations of Finance & Accounting - part 2 (Finance part)

The course Foundations of Finance & Accounting is divided in two exams: one of the Accounting part (mid-term) and a Finance part (end-term). In this second part, we will cover all the content that is requiered to pass the end-term, so the Finance part.

In the Finance part of Foundations of Finance & Accounting we look how companies are financed. What do we mean by this? Imagine that Toyota wants to produce a new car for the market. How can Toyota finance this costly project? An option is to borrow the money from the bank, or to issue more shares. What option is better for Toyota? Another part of the finance part zooms in on shares. How can we, as we were a banker, create an optimal portfolio of shares? You will see that risk and return are two very important factors in the banking world. Do we want to take more risk to get more return, or are we more risk averse by taking less risk and therefore less return.

Don't underestimate the finance part! It is a really tough part of the course which can't be studied in one afternoon in the library. So, take your time for it and work through all the practice exercises in the Reken Maar Summary, then everything will be alright.

This Reken Maar Summary is written by the same writer als the summary for Operations Management. We explain the content in a clear and structured way, and use many examples to make the course more vividly. Right after the explanation of the theory, you will find practice questions which enables you to train immediately with the theory you just learned. You will also find several complete past exams, where you can practice the content of the course as a whole, and a useful formala sheet with all the formules you have to know for the exam.

In short, a Reken Maar summary is everything you need to pass Foundations of Finance & Accounting!


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Content: Foundations of Finance & Accounting - part 2