Operations Management - part 1

Operations Management - part 1

Model: RMIBA1718-201
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Operations Management - part 1

Operations Management is often seen as the most difficult course of the second trimester, but in the same time it is one of the most practical courses which you will experience during your studies. Operations Management is all about the workplace of a company. Think about the brewery of Heineken, filled with machines worth millions of euro's and hundreds of employees working there. What is the best set-up for the machines, and the employees? How do you manage the quality of the products which are being produced in the facility? And how do you manage the inventory of this production plant? How do you make a forecast of the consumption of beer for the upcoming summer? And how do you keep the employees satisfied with their jobs? All questions which are being answered in the course Operations Management.

We will be honest to you: Operations Management is a broad course with a lot of content which has almost no coherence with each other. That is why many students experience this course as a difficult one. Adding up the fact that you have to know a lot of formules by heart, and the book is huge, doesn't make it all easier.

We are going to help you pass Operations Management. A Reken Maar summary guides you step by step through the course. We explain the content in a clear and structured way, and use many examples to make the course more vividly. Right after the explanation of the theory, you will find practice questions which enables you to train immediately with the theory you just learned. You will also find several complete past exams, where you can practice the content of the course as a whole, and a useful formala sheet with all the formules you have to know for the exam.

In short, a Reken Maar summary is everything you need to pass Operations Management


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