Trimester 2 Combideal IBA

Trimester 2 Combideal IBA

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Combideal trimester 2

With the combideal of trimester 2, you get all the necessary Reken Maar summaries for this trimester for a discount price! This complete package contains:

  • Operations Management - part 1
  • Operations Management - part 2
  • QM&T: Statistics - part 1
  • QM&T: Statistics - part 2
  • Microeconomics & Markets - Part 1
  • Microeconomics & Markets - Part 2

Trimester 2 is filled with quantitative courses! With the course Operations Management you dive into the world of production facilities like those of beer brewery Heineken. You will analyse the production processes, and draw conclusions about what machine to use or how many employees are necessary to finish the job. You will get started with production schedules, so you can calculate (when you work for example at Toyota) when exactly the engines, tires and seats have to arrive in order to start a new production run of Toyota Camry's. How does an organization manages inventory (for some managers public enemy number one)? And how should you treat employees to have them as productive as possible while keeping them happy? Operations Management is a broad course, but probably one of the most practical you will follow during your bachelor's. Secondly, Statistics prepares you for scientific research and is part of almost every study teached at university. But as a heads up: every year literally dozens of students receive a 10 for this exam, so with a proper preparation you can give your GPA a firm boost! Microeconomics & Markets gives you a more economic background linked with the science of business. 

Reken Maar is going to help you pass those courses! A Reken Maar summary guides you step by step through the course. We explain the content in a clear and structured way, and use many examples to make the course more vividly. Right after the explanation of the theory, you will find practice questions which enables you to train immediately with the theory you just learned. You will also find several complete past exams, where you can practice the content of the course as a whole.

In short, a Reken Maar summary is everything you need to pass your quantitative courses!


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